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NBS Mangrove Project

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In the North Brazil Shelf, we need mangroves to survive. For thousands of years, these productive and high carbon systems have shielded our coast, provided vital livelihoods to local communities and now offer us an affordable, lasting answer to the climate crisis. Defending our coastal home, biodiversity and its rich heritage from this threat will depend on how quickly we act, and how we use coastal ecosystems and science to shape Nature based Solutions to face this emergency.  

About the Project

The NBS Mangrove Project (Setting the Foundations for Zero Net Loss of the Mangroves that Underpins Human Well-being in the North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem ), was an 18 month project organised under a single component to help establish a shared and multi-national process for an Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) in the NBS. The project recognises the prevalence, socio-ecological importance and connectivity of mangroves in the retention and generation of key ecosystem services (fisheries, coastal protection and defences, water quality, blue carbon etc.) from which communities in the NBS countries are beneficiaries. The countries of Suriname and Guyana were prioritised to consolidate and improve the technical knowledge base necessary to further national and complementary regional coastal management strategies with neighbouring countries Brazil (Amapa state) and French Guiana.  In this sense the project builds on, and supports, the antecedents and key elements of the regional agreement established within the CLME+SAP relevant for the NBS region.

The objectives of the NBS Mangrove Project are:

1. To generate the necessary baseline knowledge and technical assessments as inputs towards a collaborative vision and a coordinated well-informed management of NBS mangrove systems, with emphasis on the information needs of Guyana and Suriname.

2. To support development of transboundary coordination mechanism(s) between the countries of Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Brazil (state of Amapá) towards the improved integrated coastal management of the extensive, ecologically connected yet vulnerable mangrove habitat of the NBS region.

Success, Guyana.
Photo by: John Greene – Conservation International


The project developed a series of studies and technical outputs to better understand and manage mangrove habitats and coastal ecosystems to the benefit of human well-being in the North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem Region.

You can download the main reports here:

Documents in Dutch

Contact Information

CI (Americas):

Stuart Banks


Emilio Cobo


Eunike Alexander – Misiekaba


Kerry Anne Cort

Boats in Suriname. Photo @Shutterstock


Produced by Emilio Cobo and Laura Pineiros, with contributions from colleagues and partners across the NBS Mangrove Project.